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Anime to film: 3 films that could be awesome (if handled well): Part 2


In part one of my anime to live-action discussion, I discussed Cowboy Bebop.  As I stated in my previous article, it would be the most difficult to turn into a live-action film.  The… Continue reading

Anime to film: 3 films that could be awesome (if handled well): Part 1


Anime.  It’s honestly a gamble.  On one hand, you could have captivating storytelling with incredible animation and a unique soundtrack.  On the other hand, however, you could wind up with some Japanese cartoonist’s… Continue reading

Ted Review


Seth MacFarlane is typically hit or miss with many people.  While Family Guy and American Dad have massive followings, MacFarlane’s brand of spontaneous humor and pop culture references doesn’t necessarily ring with everyone.  For… Continue reading

O Mother, where art thou?


In 1995, North America was introduced to a young boy with amazing powers.  He wore a red baseball cap, wielded a baseball bat as his weapon of choice, and traveled far and wide… Continue reading

Prometheus Review *Spoilers*


Prometheus marks Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated return to science fiction/horror after a 30 year absence from the genre. The film, once again, proves that Scott is a masterful film maker, particularly within this… Continue reading

The films to look forward to in 2012


The summer film season is just getting started.  While we had the Avengers to open everything with, quite literally a bang, there is still plenty more to look forward to.  Beyond that, the fall and… Continue reading

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