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5 of the Least Satisfying Fight Scenes in Recent Cinema


5. TROY – Achilles v Boagrius It shows Achilles’ superior agility and skill, but I was still bummed to see Boagrius die so easy. 4. Equlibrium – John Preston v Seamus Jump to… Continue reading

Did Superman Save Batman in The Dark Knight Rises?… Spoilers!


I just got in from seeing The Dark Knight Rises for the fourth time and for the first time in IMAX. Having now seen the movie enough times to really absorb the fim’s… Continue reading

“The Prototype” is like Robocop with out the 90s.


The military tries to track down a humanoid drone that escapes from a government facility. This looks like it could be a love story in a different sense of the word. Kinda feels… Continue reading

Sinister looks seriously scary


Holy crap.

If Diablo III were a girl… it’d probably be high maintenance.


IFockingHateThat made this video and put it up on YouTube.   Also I realized that Blizzard’s is a lot like Facebook. It has it’s purpose but I don’t want to have to connect to it… Continue reading

YouTuber Dresses Up Like Zombie — Almost Gets Shot


Apparently VitalyzdTv dressed up and grunted like a zombie in Miami on May 26th and began chasing unsuspecting victims. The video is hilarious, but holy shit is this dangerous! Subscribe! and follow us on Twittter… Continue reading

No Apologies: Fable: The Journey Looks Like Garbage

by What the hell did I just watch? Where’s my house? Can I get married? Why did it look like it was just arena play? I need to find the synopsis for this… Continue reading

Finally A Dark Knight Rises Trailer with some balls


UPDATE It appears that the trailer has been taken down across the web at the request of the The Dark Knight Rises legal team. We’ll have it up again as soon as it’s… Continue reading

Seeking A Friend… for the end of the world


Directed by Lorene Scafaria Starring Steve Carell and Keira Knightley  Seeking A Friend for the End of the World has been on my radar since I first saw the 20×30 poster up at my local Regal Theatre. For… Continue reading

The Dark Knight Rises TV Commercials Are Here!


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