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The Good News And The Bad News (7 Psychopaths and Taken 2 Review)


Alright, what do you want first, the good news or the bad news? Let’s be honest, the bad news is going to be funnier, so let’s get the good news out of the… Continue reading

And On This, The Eve Of Our Salvation…


A few months ago, when I wrote this: (TDKR or Prometheus? One Man Answers A Tough Hypothetical ) on this site, I thought I was exaggerating. I mean, you can see it right… Continue reading

Why Our Favorite Franchises Always End Up Sucking


Lately I’ve developed a new addiction. If you guessed booze or gambling, you’d be wrong. I said “new”.  No, my new addiction is the ‘Trivia’ tab on I can’t get enough. Now,… Continue reading

Fable 3: A Drunkenly Revisited Classic


Here are the now legendary videos of me playing Fable 3 drunk. I had no idea I was being filmed at the time, but these videos have gone on to achieve true internet fame… Continue reading

Listen Up Network TV: Subculture Is The New Cool.


Several people whose opinions on TV/movies/etc I respect have lately been telling me that I should watch the Big Bang Theory. I’d seen about five minutes of an episode before, and I remembered… Continue reading

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