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Guild Wars 2 – Beta Weekend Wrap Up


Wow just wow. Once again the whole game had a polish to it that I wish i could be playing it all the time. This past weekend I delved into more of the… Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 – Beta Weekend #2


Tonight marks the beginning of the second Beta Weekend for Guild Wars 2! This weekend I will be bringing you details of all my adventrures, hell there might even be a live stream involved!… Continue reading

Diablo 3 – Whimsyshire


In true Blizzard fashion, they have added a Secret Level to Diablo 3. This one is well….I’ll let the video do the talking. The art team for Diablo 3 were catching lots of flack during development from… Continue reading

Diablo 3 – Launch Addict


Diablo 3 servers launch tonight at 12:01 am PDT/3:01 am EST. Today is equivalent of Christmas Eve, but with more fire and brimstone. I will be at my local GameStop at 10pm to make… Continue reading

Portal 2 – Perpetual Testing Initiative is Live


For those of you that were asleep during 2011 Portal 2 was a huge success for the guys over at Valve. This week their in-game puzzle editor went live via Steam Workshop. Their… Continue reading

Diablo 3 – Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise Final Unlock!

by is getting pounded today with the final unlock of the Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise website. It just so happens to be an animated short by Peter Chung and Titmouse, Inc. Peter Chung… Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 – Beta Weekend Event Part 2


Welcome to Part 2 of the Guild Wars 2 Weekend Beta Event! If you haven’t read Part 1 yet you can check it out by clicking here. It’s not necessary to read it… Continue reading

Diablo 3 – Money Talks


It seems lots of Blizzard fans have starting voicing their opinions about the cut that they will take from Real Money Auction House(RMAH). Their FAQ has been updated with details on how using the… Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 – Beta Weekend Event Part 1


This past weekend was the first Guild Wars 2 Open Beta Event. I haven’t gotten this wrapped up in a game, let alone a beta since, World of Warcraft. ArenaNet has really outdone… Continue reading

Legend of Grimrock – The GrimROCKINING


For those of you that were born before the Call of Dutys and Assassin’s Creed, we had a very difficult genre of games that sometimes required us to write things down! I know… Continue reading

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