Guild Wars 2 – Beta Weekend Wrap Up

Wow just wow. Once again the whole game had a polish to it that I wish i could be playing it all the time. This past weekend I delved into more of the PvP systems. Iwas so wrapped up in my PvPing extravaganza that I forgot to record the footage from the livestream and to take screen shots. ArenaNet hass created 3 different types of PvP for Guild Wars 2, Hot Join PvP, Tournament Play, and World vs. World vs. World. During my 72 hours within the tumult that is PvP,  I was able to experience the Hot Join PvP & WvWvW.

In Hot Join PvP your character is boosted to level 80, a set of PvP gear, and all skills and traits unlocked. This really makes for some balance PvP since everyone is on the same playing field as you. You also have the ability to change the basic template in “The Mists”, which is a zone where you queue up and buy extra or alternative gear. You can play around with all the different weapon types and builds to find one that fits your play-style. Each map consisted of 3-4 control points that each team fought over first team to 500 wins. It was very straight forward and fast paced. Some team found it easier to zerg around the map to keep control but when going up against better players not so much. After each match you are given a summary of each players contribution to the game and you are queued for the next match. It really makes for some non-stop action. During this portion of my experience I was using dual pistols and using the elixir gun. While this build provided great buffs for team-mates and debuffs for enemies, I felt it didn’t bring the pain.

Some of my buddies logged on and we decided to group up and run headlong into WvWvW. Here there are 4 different maps, 3 Server Borderlands and the Eternal Battleground. Each of the Borderland maps corresponds to each server and contains their keep. The Eternal Battleground, the most battled over map, contains one base for each server and a central keep. There are a variety of things to do in every map and each one plays an important part. First lets start with the supply depots and caravans, these provide your team with a steady supplies which are needed to build battering rams, cannons, or trebuchets. These items require plans and then supply from players to be built and used to siege keeps or defend them. Already you start to see the sense of team work required to be successful. Each supply depot sends a caravan out to give supplies to surrounding keeps to the central keep. Apparently you will be unable to claim the karma/gold/xp reward without the central keep. But they still provide supply to the other keeps so you can build your weapons of mass destruction. To siege a keep it needs lots and lots of manpower and teamwork.

During these portions my build didn’t feel like it brought enough mayhem to the scene. I switched it up to a rifle build focusing on the flamethrower utility. This little beauty brought a cone of fire that broke many fierce lines of combatants. My favorite combo would be to lay down a wall of fire, pull enemies toward me using Backdraft, spraying them with fire and then knocking them back with an air blast. It was a ton of fun watching the corpses form around me. Now this build was great for a siege but not defending against one. Defending the central keep I found myself lobbing grenades from the walls into the crowds of enemies trying to break down the doors.

I can gush about my time playing Guild Wars 2 for hours on end, but WvWvW had one issue that really but a hamper on the action was dying. When a character dies you can either get revived by a fellow team mate or spawn back at a waypoint. If you happened to die during a line push or the area just became too swarmed with enemies you had to take the waypoint. This would take you out of the action and have to walk sometimes the length of the map to get back in the action. While this can be seen as a great equalizer from a design standpoint, it steals a lot of thunder from the heat of battle. I personally would love to see the ability to teleport to fellow party/squad members, at a cost of course, or waypoints at other locations then the keep and main base. Hopefully other players have voiced their opinion about this on the beta forums, time will tell.

See you all on the battlefield!

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