Dead Space III News!

So NP just found out that Dead Space III is set to have a tentative release of March 2013, which was around the same time of year that Dead Space II released. Some other tidbits of information are as follows;

Co-Op mode

When playing the single player story there is an option to play with another person to tag team the campaign. This character that goes side by side with Issac is a fellow engineer, with own busted up RIG. A big visual difference is with the red coloration coming from the eyes and mask of the RIG. Another big piece of the Co-Op is that where there are cut away scenes where you would imagine it only being Issac they have altered them to include the partner.

Weapons and Work Bench

The weapons have changed some in Dead Space III, the Default plasma cutter has been done away with and now has a weapon with a knockback feature. The new work bench will have the ability to cutomize weapons and alt fires, this will come in handy due to some of the new enemies Issac encounters.


Along with all the Necromorphs and pack children Issac will be facing humans for the first time, and loaded to the hilt these men will be. Apparently on the ice planet, yes i said ice planet, the miltary stationed there are under control of the marker, and will change into Necromorphs at random during battle.


Issac now has a couple new abilities in his arsenal. To help dodge gun fire and ranged attacks Issac will be able to crouch which is a new introduction to the character not previously included in the last two games. Also his telekinesis has been given much needed boost. Now stacked with the ability to rotate objects and not just pick them up, more puzzles can be included in the game as well. To coincide with the introduction of the Co-Op mode, many skills will need to be use in unison by both players to achieve further play.

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