You know it’s coming… Here’s our Capt. America 2 Plot

What could happen to Captain America Next

So we all know that in the movie, Captain America defeats Red Skull when the Tesseract suckes Skull into what we can only assume to be another universe/demension. Which leaves us with no notable villain for Cap to face in part two… or does it? This leads us into the next villain and character inclusion for The Avengers II, Winter Soldier! During the Captain America movie, Bucky falls to his death from the train battle with Cap and some Hydra agents and what happens next gets a little nuts. Bucky gets found by a Russian patrol unit with his arm severed and his memory lost. The Russians replace his arm with a bionic one and turn his freshly wiped mind into a world class assassin. This is Winter Soldier.

To bring the character to the now present timeline Captain America, Winter Soldier, who has been kept in cryogenic freezing and released to complete missions, has a new target: retrieve the Tesseract. But how you might ask can he do this, when the tesseract is in Odin’s Vault? Due to an unruly bunch of invading Frost giants, Thor returns the Cube to S.H.I.E.L.D. to hold until the giants can be vanquished. With the Tesseract back on Midgard (Earth) Winter Soldier is sent to recover it, when he happens upon Cap. After a few bouts Cap realizes its Bucky and uses the Cosmic Cube to revive Winter Soldier’s mind. With Bucky’s mind so full of guilt from the countless lives he’s taken he returns to his would be handler, only to find out that it was Red Skull who has returned in disguise. Captain America goes on to defeat Red Skull, leaving Winter Soldier to fall off the grid and contemplate his recently realized actions. Which leaves a slot for a character to return for the Avengers Sequel.

This is just thought I had about what I would want to see in the next Captain America film, I have no merit or screen writing skills. I’m just a Cap fanboy who wants to see him reunited with his buddy.

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