If I were able to create the dream team to bring this game to the silver screen, it would need to have the best staff involved. This game is too perfect to let some lame directors and actors destroy it like they did with Resident Evil. When I was twelve or thirteen I loved everything about the RE video game. It was the best game on the planet to me at that time. So whenI heard they were making my favorite game into a movie… forget about it. I lost my mind! Then the reality of it set in when I was watching it at the midnight release. They took my game and destroyed it. My hopes are that one day they will do a Dead Space movie but hopefully some better names will be attached and not destroy my new favorite game.

These are the people I would love to see attached to this movie and why.

Ridley Scott

This man is the whole reason I love Sci-Fi Horror movies and games. He single handedly made at least 7 of my top 25 favorite movies which include Alien, and Blade Runner. The man has an attention to detail that is far superior to others, and he knows how to weave a tale on film. Plus with his new release Prometheus, which ee here at NP are completely nuts about, has sealed the deal in my mind. I mean come on have you seen the trailer for that movie? If that doesn’t completely floor you then you’re clinically insane.


Visual and special FX are going to play a huge role for this movie. I know that if I want the Necromorphs to be as close to the games consistency that there is going to be some CGI involved with the film. I believe that costumed actors also play a huge part of making horror movies that much better. I bet the first time you saw the Alien in Alien you crapped a brick. DDT is a Special FX company based in spain that has created some of the best creatures in the recent movie scene. They are not that well known by name but their work is well known.

Some examples are the creatures from Pan’s Labyrinth, and the Hellboy Franchise. To cover all the bases for when we want to make these horrors become more realistic we turn to WETA to fill in the CGI. They are involve with tons of films and always make their CGI amazingly realistic. Some examples would be Prometheus, The Avengers, King Kong, and District 9.

 Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Issac Clarke

I’m sure that many of you will disagree with my choice. My reasoning behind my choice is this. Mr. Gordon-Levitt is an amazing actor that can cover all the bases of acting from sad and comical in 50/50, to action hero in Inception and Looper, to a little detached in Hesher. The best part about him being an amazing actor is that he isn’t too huge of an actor to demand tons of money or not do the movie because he’s too big of an actor. Some other points are that with a shaved head he looks pretty close to Issac Clarke in physical features. A huge bonus to Mr. Gordon-Levitt is that it never hurts to have a film under your belt with Ridley Scott attached to it.

If there is anything that you disagree or agree with, PLEASE let us know down below in the comment section.

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